Walmart - Abbotsford West Superstore offers Store services in Aldergrove, British Columbia area. To get more details you can call us on (604) 504-2080. We are open now.

I practically LIVE here! Lol The staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They have everythin... -Sam Tomlinson


This place known as inexpensive .

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  • Gill Picard photo
    Gill Picard5 months ago

    Good store but limited inventory compared to Walmart Bellingham. The real good thing about that store is the pharmacy - good service. The one place where they could really improve would be to put better quality batteries in their mobility shopping carts. Those things are always leaving you stranded in the middle of the store somewhere.

  • Harkiran Grewal photo
    Harkiran Grewal5 months ago

    Walmart - Abbotsford West Superstore, horrible staff. Always gossiping . Doesnt want to work but just get paid. Looks like a chicken store. Pathetic customer service. Superstore is way better ...

  • Kathy K. photo
    Kathy K.6 months ago

    There staff does not know where stuff is, they need better training. Check all items you buy here, many are after the expiry dates and they still sell them. Fruits and veggies are a hit and sometimes they are ok and some are old and crappy.

  • Anna McGillivray photo
    Anna Mcgillivray7 months ago

    Walmart - Abbotsford West Superstore, i used Western Union. They were patientand respectfull. I was really happy with the service!

  • Val Poirier photo
    Val Poirier7 months ago

    Walmart Supercentre at HighStreet Mall is worth the extra mileage to visit. On site bakery. Large selection of products with plentiful ethnic specialtiy items. McDonald's and mini Tim Horton's at either end of store.

  • Sam Tomlinson photo
    Sam Tomlinson7 months ago

    Walmart - Abbotsford West Superstore, i practically LIVE here! Lol The staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They have everything I generally need and at a great price.

  • Nicole Naseth photo
    Nicole Naseth7 months ago

    I love this store it has most anything I need fair prices and we'll after a long shop I can grab a Timmies right on my way out the door and if shopping with Grand Babies grab McDonald's on the way in to keep them happy while I shop it is win win win situation.

  • Ben stouse photo
    Ben Stouse8 months ago

    Walmart - Abbotsford West Superstore, good selection. Every time I went there, they would only have 1-2 check-out aisles open. I stopped shopping here as it would take longer to stand in a cashier line up then it did for me to grocery shop.

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